Streamlining the Federal Government

Performance Improvement H. James Harrington
“A letter to President Obama”

The following letter was sent to President Obama in response to his January 14, 2012 Saturday address to the nation on “Helping American Business Succeed”. You can view this 3 ½ minute video @ The White House – Helping American Business Succeed

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Subject: Streamlining the Federal Government

Dear Mr. President,

Let me applaud your action that is directed at streamlining the U.S. government. It is exactly what is needed. When Al Gore was Vice President, I had a conversation with him related to redesigning some of the key processes in our federal government. He was very interested in decreasing the cost of toilet seats, but not in the real problem, which was the efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability of the processes in the organizational structure that supports our federal government. At that point in time we were talking about redesigning or reengineering government processes.

Since that time major progress has been made in streamlining government systems, processes and organizational structure. Recently I worked with the Dubai government in the UAE to make its government operations more customer centric while decreasing operating costs and greatly improving response time. McGraw-Hill has just released a new book of mine entitled, Streamlined Process Improvement – The Breakthrough Strategy to Reduce Costs, Improve Quality, Increase Customer Satisfaction, and Boost Profits. Taylor and Francis Publishing has also just released another book of mine entitled Organizational Alignment. Both of these books are extremely relevant to what you are trying to accomplish in our federal government system. I am including a copy of my book Streamlined Process Improvement in the hopes that it will help in your quest for streamlining the government. It’s based upon over 40 years of experience in working with the public and private sectors in streamlining their organizational structures and operating systems. I feel confident that much of the cost and embarrassment that we’ve had in the way the federal system operates can and should be eliminated through the effective streamline the processes and organizational structure. You and your team must be complimented on recognizing this opportunity and stepping forward to take advantage of it.

Please let me know if there’s any way that I can assist in your efforts to streamline the federal government system. We are pleased to see someone in the White House who is transforming words into action and action into results. With God’s help and your innovation and leadership we can keep the U.S. financially sound and respected throughout the world.

Wishing you great success in leading this great country during 2012 and your campaign for a second term in office.

Very sincerely yours,

Dr. H. James Harrington
CEO, Harrington Institute, Inc.
Los Gatos, California

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