About Dr. Harrington

H. James Harrington is a American author, lecturer, consultant, international performance improvement and quality guru, entrepreneur, engineer and business man. Over his long career he has developed many concepts; some of the more important ones are: Poor-Quality Cost, Total Improvement Management and Business Process Improvement.

Harrington has authored 35 books and created ten software packages on performance improvement. In addition, he has written a monthly column for Quality Digest magazine for over eleven years. He is considered one of the world’s leading performance improvement gurus. His career in quality and performance improvement spans 65+ years.

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One thought on “About Dr. Harrington

  1. Dear Dr Harrington,
    I read your article on Seven Basic Performance Improvement Principles in Quality Digest. I have spent now 32 years in this field and want to share some of my thoughts with you .. that unless we understand how things work, and as to what is the philosophy of life, we would not be able to take stock of the situation. Please allow me contemplate as under:

    Philosophy of Life
    We try to develop strategies commensurating to the circumstances keeping all pros and cons in consideration and seeing as to which strategy would be more beneficial in one’s life .. we as humans normally take static decisions whereas everything in nature is dynamic .. (moving) .. and even when we take decisions (thinking that they are dynamic) .. they are still not in consonance with the pace that this universe is moving .. all our rules, customs, laws, constitutions have been made in a way that remain static for a long time .. till one realizes that they are not benefitting anymore .. but this realization comes very late .. by that time .. one also loses the pace with which one must move. Our decisions are made on the basis of the stars that we think exist (because of the light years that it has taken its light to reach us) .. in reality most are already dead .. the stars that exist today .. are beyond our physical eyes to comprehend .. but in order for us to make decisions dynamic in nature we need to be in pace with the cosmos that exists .. only then would our analysis would be able to pop out solutions for the present and future .. which is the source which will boost our speed and expand our horizon of understanding the universe and beyond.

    Let me take similes of LOCK and KEY. Throughout the history, mankind has been trying to open locks .. but mostly .. they use keys which are old, which have broken teeth, or maybe using only one key while it required 2 or 3 keys .. or maybe the keys were used in a sequence or pattern that it required unlocking .. this is what is LIFE all about. Ask any physicist or chemist .. how they got those keys? At the famous Copenhagen Conference, Einstien (may be due to his ego) was not ready to accept that Niels Bohr had a different key than his and is the key with which mankind would unravel the mysteries of Quantum Physics .. another key was used to unlock QED.

    In our lives too we go through different phases, from childhood to adulthood and then into ol homes .. each phase requires a different strategy .. in the same vein .. each individual is unique in one self (like the unique life code in each’s fingers) and is required to unlock the mysteries of one’s life with that key (life code) either singularly or in combination with other keys (other human beings) .. this aspect however needs to be understood well before one ventures out in pursuit of one life’s objectives.

    So the question that arises is that how can we know and then position ourselves wherein whatever decisions we make they are dynamic .. how can we keep our heart transparent (like a photographic film) so that the keys get imprinted .. so that we embrace it and wear it like a robe .. in order to become a “satisfied successful king” on this earth.

    Please do give me your input .. I will be obliged. Thank you