Thirteen Fundamental Truths

Back in 1986 I documented a list of 13 fundamental truths that applied to all organizations. I ran across these statements recently when I was looking for some comments made by a past IBM president that I wanted to use in a new book I am writing. As I thought back over the past 25 years, I realized that Continue reading

Tenfold Improvement

“In 1979,” recalled John A. Young, former president of Hewlett-Packard Corp., “I launched a new quality campaign by announcing what I call a ‘stretch objective.’ I asked our product failure rates to be cut to one-tenth their current levels by the end of the 1980s. Why ask for a factor-of-10 improvement number? If I called for an improvement of only two-to-one, our people wouldn’t have done anything until 1988. They wouldn’t have been forced to radically rethink their operating procedures.” Hewlett-Packard’s stretch objective seemed difficult, but Continue reading

Hole in the Heart or Hole in the Head?

An organization can excel only when it taps the full potential of all the individuals who work there, sparking their creative potential and providing them with a high degree of self-worth and pride. Individuals perform superbly not because they’re driven to perform by promises, threats or praise, but because excelling in their chosen jobs provides personal satisfaction and fulfillment.
Don’t fool yourself Continue reading